About Mango

Men, Meet Mango.

A pleasure to meet you.

Haven’t heard of Mango? That’s because we’re up and coming.

Mango screams confidence (quietly)

Hi, we’re MangoRX and we make men’s sexual health products. 

At Mango, we believe that every man should make their sexual health a priority. Our mission is to improve the lives of men and their partners by creating high-quality sexual health products that are accessible on a telehealth platform that is safe, secure, and convenient.

We seek to redefine the standards for quality, transparency, and attitude concerning ED treatment and men’s health more broadly.

It’s an unspoken thing we’re speaking about.

Too often, erectile dysfunction is neglected due to a lack of information and the taboo around down-there care. We’re here to help you fight the stigma and provide your solution on your terms with expertly-formulated products for your most prized possessions.

How will you cater to men if you don’t discuss their most sensitive issues?

Product Innovation

We don’t just sell generic medications. We create our own expertly formulated ED compound for the very best experience.


Beyond our products, it’s our mission to share information with you about men’s sexual health and do it in a way that captures deserved confidence and surely a smile.

Fun & Confident

While the subject is serious, we’re hellbent on overcoming stigma and having fun with it. We think humor is empowering and journey to better health we might as well have fun along the way.

Group 10


A proven substance that increases blood flow to the penis, helping men achieve more powerful erections.

Group 12


Often called “The Love Hormone,” plays a crucial role in engendering feelings of closeness and intimacy and helps people feel relaxed.

Group 14


An amino acid that acts as a vasodilator, opening blood vessels and helping increase blood flow.

A Helping Hand

Jacob Cohen

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Jonathan Arango

Co-Founder & COO

Dr. Craig Hewitt


Dr. Rodolfo Herrera

M.D., Medical Director